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Malachi is "The Moses" of this generation


A Prophetic word for Alex Jones In ten days things will change, stay strong God is in control. #theartistone #Alexjones #infowars Advertisements

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Trump is parting the RED Sea of lies.

Last year I wrote a piece called “Let my People Go” trying to show the correlation between Trump and Moses and the perfect timeline of things happening. Now I … Continue reading

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Women (or should I say Lesbians) have been trying to end all male dominance for years but for the first time, one of the new leaders of this movement is … Continue reading

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Death of Billy Graham fulfills my 2014 prophecy the veil is to be lifted from the US.

In 2014 I made a prophecy that if Billy Graham passed away prior to the Super Bowl or before the end of the winter Olympics the protection of the US … Continue reading

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Hollywood is burning…REPENT

God is a consuming fire for the sins you promote upon this world. REPENT.

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Dreams of a Prophet

A new video from Stop Autonomous Weapons  reminded me of visions I saw as a child. I remember looking out my window seeing people running followed by military but as … Continue reading

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Charles Manson gave his heart to Christ before he died.

Charles Manson gave his heart to Christ before he died.

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Don’t be Deaf to

He that has an ear you might want to listen to this. In January of 2017, I got a call from a friend a former WND reporter and she asked … Continue reading

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LET MY PEOPLE GO January 20th (will we be freed or enslaved?)

I have been saying this for many years, America is the Egypt of the past. On January 20 Trump will take office and to many he like a 21st century … Continue reading

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if vs it

“if”, is a dangerous word. “if” I had this, “if” I had that, “if” I won the lottery, if, if, if, with “if” thinking, “it” will never happen. “if” is a word … Continue reading

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