MARCH 22ND 2020

KNOW THE PARABLE OF THE FIG TREE Please review my videos for a verbal description to what I feel might be the most important date of this decade. On March 22nd 2019 a massive Fig tree fell in Hollywood that was one of four Fig trees planted 144 years prior at the creation of Hollywood.... Continue Reading →

“Warren Cudney Ripoff Artist – The Curse of Jimi Hendrix”(part three) Voodoo Chile reprise

Scams Scams and more Scams Warren D Cudney, Matthew Hay, Hendrix Holistics, Wahupta Ventures Logo for genuine Hendrix by Leon Hendrix Around April of 2017 I meet a man named Warren D. Cudney currently with Wahupta Ventures who at that time was president of Canadera Holdings Inc a company he seemed to have run into... Continue Reading →

Water holds the eternity of God himself

What if I told you technology like Ai, Cern, and Quantum computers are and have always been here and it is all to find a way to obtain all the knowledge of a simple drop of water and from this power obtain the true information of all creation.

The end is near.

Remember that line in the Georgia Guidestone of 500,000,000. Let this sink in. They don't need most of you anymore. No need to hire. No need for labor Shipping we have got that covered as wellfully automated For the ones who work, you will be tracked. But until we are complete. remember to pay your... Continue Reading →

The parable of the fig tree

Let this sink in, After more than 140 years, a massive fig tree gracing the plaza where Los Angeles was founded collapses. The four figs were planted at El Pueblo by agriculturalist and City Councilman Elijah Hook Workman, KCET reported in 2013. The Ficus macrophylla was brought from Australia to Southern California in the 1860s and 1870s,... Continue Reading →

It is time to end time.

Running late for work (if you work) time was created by the Rail Roads, big business capitalist and we need to make a change Being that gender neutral is a thing and that we must all except ones right to be a rock or goat, I think is time to stand up and say NO... Continue Reading →


Women (or should I say Lesbians) have been trying to end all male dominance for years but for the first time, one of the new leaders of this movement is trying to destroy Fathers day PERIOD. Debbie (Butch) Aughole has announced in her latest blog  "Let them see RED" is trying to band all women... Continue Reading →

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