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Malachi is "The Moses" of this generation

Russian servers have been shut off to gamers

Russian servers have been shut off to gamers. If you are a gamer you may have no more connections with Russian gamers. To this date OCT 13th 2016 all Russian servers have … Continue reading

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While God Slept.

While God Slept. Some of the greatest minds in the world have asked the questions when did Satan Fall? who built the pyramids? where are the minds of Atlantis? It … Continue reading

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The Curse of Jimi Hendrix THE VOODOO (part two)

As I stated in my original Blog THE VOODOO (The curse of Jimi Hendrix) HERE The latest dealing I had was with a man who said he had the “Cab … Continue reading

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The Class of 2016 “Do Nothing”

To the class of 2016, If you want things to change then “Do Nothing”. I know this goes against every graduation speech you have heard but just think about what … Continue reading

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THE VOODOO (The Curse of Jimi Hendrix)

THE VOODOO (The Curse of Jimi Hendrix) For the past to many years to count I have been involved (mostly behind the scenes) in this crazy and really F**Ked up … Continue reading

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Psalms 105 15“Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.”   This is a warning to all. Do not bear false witness against me for this will … Continue reading

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Sending U.S Cops to fight ISIS

Seems we have this all wrong, maybe we should be sending our cops to help end radical Muslims or ISIS and bring the Cops from Europe to the U.S. In … Continue reading

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Lucifers A Conversation with God

Lucifer’s A Conversation with God is a one man performance of Lucifer’s last conversation with God before he is cast down from Heaven. To book a performance contact The Artist … Continue reading

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The shot hear round the world

I have just begun to read about this takeover situation with the Bundy’s in Oregon but while I was watching the interview (click here) I saw that it was the … Continue reading

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A Conversation with God

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