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Malachi is "The Moses" of this generation

Sending U.S Cops to fight ISIS

Seems we have this all wrong, maybe we should be sending our cops to help end radical Muslims or ISIS and bring the Cops from Europe to the U.S. In … Continue reading

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Lucifers A Conversation with God

Lucifer’s A Conversation with God is a one man performance of Lucifer’s last conversation with God before he is cast down from Heaven. To book a performance contact The Artist … Continue reading

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The shot hear round the world

I have just begun to read about this takeover situation with the Bundy’s in Oregon but while I was watching the interview (click here) I saw that it was the … Continue reading

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A Conversation with God

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Soylent Green is real and is being shipped world wide.. Proof.

  Soylent Green is real.. Last week I took this picture of a new product beginning to be shipped to homes. It is a powered based food supplement called “Soylent” … Continue reading

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TRUMP IS A MARTYR FOR THE FINANCIAL COLLAPSE A timeline to think about.. September is upon us and many are speculating about many things to come, one being the financial … Continue reading

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America is dead to God

Hurt not the children. Like 17.2 “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he … Continue reading

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On the wings of Eagles I will carry thee

I feel so many do not understand the importance of America role in Israel and yes I know all about the Zionist movement about the deals and the controversy of … Continue reading

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The Stealth Muslim

Connecting the dots to erase American history. Back prior to 911 Muslims or radical Islamism’s as so many call them began destroying historic artifacts one being a large Buda statue … Continue reading

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The Popes September meeting, Breaking Liberty and proving Prophecy

Breaking Liberty and proving Prophecy In September, the Pope will make a visit to the USA and just by chance (no such thing) he will be visiting Philadelphia. I think … Continue reading

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