It is time to end time.

Running late for work (if you work) time was created by the Rail Roads, big business capitalist and we need to make a change Being that gender neutral is a thing and that we must all except ones right to be a rock or goat, I think is time to stand up and say NO... Continue Reading →

Soon all who lie and withhold against TRUMP will DIE by Gods hand.

I'm sitting here talking with my mother about all the hate that is focused upon President Tump. One year ago to the date of John McCain's death, I did my second to the last video about John McCain and that his time was short.  I believe he is only the first to fall and that... Continue Reading →


Women (or should I say Lesbians) have been trying to end all male dominance for years but for the first time, one of the new leaders of this movement is trying to destroy Fathers day PERIOD. Debbie (Butch) Aughole has announced in her latest blog  "Let them see RED" is trying to band all women... Continue Reading →

Dreams of a Prophet

A new video from Stop Autonomous Weapons  reminded me of visions I saw as a child. I remember looking out my window seeing people running followed by military but as I looked towards the mountains I saw a swarm of flying objects that seemed to have locked on to my eyes and immediately fly towards... Continue Reading →

Don’t be Deaf to

He that has an ear you might want to listen to this. In January of 2017, I got a call from a friend a former WND reporter and she asked me if I still had connections in different parts of the world. I said depends on what you are looking for, her response One Billion dollars,... Continue Reading →

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