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Malachi is "The Moses" of this generation

It is time to end time.

Running late for work (if you work) time was created by the Rail Roads, big business capitalist and we need to make a change Being that gender neutral is a … Continue reading

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Soon all who lie and withhold against TRUMP will DIE by Gods hand.

I’m sitting here talking with my mother about all the hate that is focused upon President Tump. One year ago to the date of John McCain’s death, I did my … Continue reading

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A Prophetic word for Alex Jones In ten days things will change, stay strong God is in control. #theartistone #Alexjones #infowars

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Trump is parting the RED Sea of lies.

Last year I wrote a piece called “Let my People Go” trying to show the correlation between Trump and Moses and the perfect timeline of things happening. Now I … Continue reading

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Women (or should I say Lesbians) have been trying to end all male dominance for years but for the first time, one of the new leaders of this movement is … Continue reading

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Death of Billy Graham fulfills my 2014 prophecy the veil is to be lifted from the US.

In 2014 I made a prophecy that if Billy Graham passed away prior to the Super Bowl or before the end of the winter Olympics the protection of the US … Continue reading

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Hollywood is burning…REPENT

God is a consuming fire for the sins you promote upon this world. REPENT.

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Dreams of a Prophet

A new video from Stop Autonomous Weapons  reminded me of visions I saw as a child. I remember looking out my window seeing people running followed by military but as … Continue reading

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Charles Manson gave his heart to Christ before he died.

Charles Manson gave his heart to Christ before he died.

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Don’t be Deaf to

He that has an ear you might want to listen to this. In January of 2017, I got a call from a friend a former WND reporter and she asked … Continue reading

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