The Prophecy’s of Malachi

I am standing him to proclaiming the sins of men. It is me who has called him, I have set a hedge around him. I have given knowledge unto him.


Malachi prophesied that Billy Graham would pass away Before the ending of a Winter Olympics (they only happen every four years) And/or the end a February month

Billy Graham passed away on Feb 21/2018

Only four days prior to the ending of the winter Olympics

Feb 3, 2014

Malachi prophesied the financial fall of America and how it would happen

February 4th 2014

Once the per person debt reached 72,000 A financial meltdown would occur.

In November of 2019 we reached 72,000

The introduction of corona virus.


February 4th 2014

A total economic financial collapse will start at $72,000 per citizen debt but will have a total shut down beginning at $100,000.

2019/20 saw $72,000 and in 2024 we will see $114,000 per citizen


February 18th 2014

Malachi Prophesized at the start of the collapse

States and nations will close off, close doors of homes and churches

February 15 2015

Video Saturn and the return of Satan

Saturn rings will start to deplete and world issues would rise

In December 2018 Nasa issued a paper about the rings of Saturn depleting at a faster rate then thought.

Apr 7, 2015

Malachi Prophesied in the video title Visions and Dreams

Drones, Tsunami, Sinks holes and Earthquakes.

Predicted the area of a great Lava lake

Discovered later in Feb 2018 new discoveries prove this point

told the Truth about TWA 800

video here

June 10th 2015

Malachi prophesied that you would see a disruption within the kingdom or Europe and that the Queen would step down no later then 2021 and that in 2021 we will have a King.

Video here

June 15th  2015

Malachi wrote about how the system would implement a wage and monetary system.

In effect now

March 15th 2016

Malachi prophesied Trump would win office

Aug 2 2015

Malachi prophesied Trump would be the martyr for the financial collapse

I had thought they would implement it before he was elected, but it might have neem because they thought he would not win.

Part two

Oct 13, 2016

I warned of a Hack within the gaming servers of Russia and China

Video titled Russian gamer servers have been shut down.

Oct 21st   2016

Malachi professed Trump to be elected

And would be the last to lead this nation.

April 29th 2017

A balance is upon us

Malachi prophesied about the division that would come and that people who have made money during the growth will need to support God elect during the fall that is here.

June 25th 2017

Was an update from my videos Dreams and visions coming to pass.

Malachi prophesied drones would track everything and work for the Beast system

July 27th 2017

Malachi Prophesied john McCain had limited time

On Aug 25th 2018 John McCain died

Sept 5th 2018

 In his blog Malachi prophesied that you would see leaders begin to die.

Elijah Cummings died Oct. 17, 2019  

March 22nd 2019

In a blog post Malachi warning people of the fall of the Fig tree in Hollywood

And what was to come

One year later, well let it sink in

Original blog

Updated blog

Sept 24th 2019

I sent a prophetic message to Trump that something big was on the way far bigger than his at that time impeachment.

On Jan 2rd 2020

A video called A Prophetic message about the WAR to come

Laid out this that would come to pass.

And that the RED SEA would close upon the US… Look at the covid19 map… it is RED.

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