Open Letter to President Trump

As a messenger of God almighty I must write what he is asking of me.

For so long I have wanted the leaders of my children to let go and allow my love to rule.

When I freed the Israelite’s from Egypt led by Moses I never wanted to see them in bondage again. I gave unto Moses 10 Commandments to live by but in time they created more laws and demanded Kings to rule over them and in time made them slaves to a worldly king.

1492 Columbus discovered this land that would lead to the freedom of my people and become a blessing to the world. In 1776 you separated yourself once again from the chains of an earthly King just as I had asked of my people through Samuel but they chose a King. From this obedience I have given great things to this land and from this land to the world.

Over the past few decades my great land is becoming a place of bondage and sin and is not seeking my face or my wisdom. Go back to my ways, my laws and under my anointed covering.

I placed you where you are to test you and bring fear upon your face so you may never sin again, I will bring a vision to you and show you the way.

Let my people go.

As a servant of God this is all I can say for this is all that has been given.

Good day.

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