Trump is parting the RED Sea of lies.


Last year I wrote a piece called “Let my People Go” trying to show the correlation between Trump and Moses and the perfect timeline of things happening.

Now I want you to see what’s happening and what will happen next.

Just as Moses was at the Red Sea we see the same, Red (Russia) and pharaohs army are the Democrats of today and soo Trump will part the Red Sea and the waters will draw the Democrats in as they try to chase down Trump and will be destroyed.

But what’s next?

7/23/2018 The Battle of Amalek, This morning I saw Trump tweet to Iran and well this battle will happen and we will prevail.


The giving of the Ten Commandments:

Trump will bring back a focus to the Constitution and give freedom back to the people and many will make money or become prosperous beyond any time in history. Gold will once again become the standard.

Trump will get a second term

But just as in the days of Moses soon the people will make false gods and will forget and with the new president in 2024 this will bring the worst economic crash the world has ever seen, so store up that oil for the lamp we still have a few years. Then 40 years of wandering.

I am a man of God, I am not a Profit but so far all the things God has shown me have come true and he has shown me this, just food for thought.

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