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Malachi is "The Moses" of this generation

Dreams of a Prophet

A new video from Stop Autonomous Weapons  reminded me of visions I saw as a child. I remember looking out my window seeing people running followed by military but as I looked towards the mountains I saw a swarm of flying objects that seemed to have locked on to my eyes and immediately fly towards me and at this time I wake up.

See this video below

I have always dreamed very vivid dreams and of things that all have come true.

Just today 11/24/2017 I was reading an article about the new Saudi Prince and the talk of Iran. I did a video back in 2014 talking about the changes to come to the Saudi area to create a more focused turn towards Iran. I feel a false flag will accrue very soon placing blame on Iran and giving reasons to invade and march into Russia.

Ark of the Covenant

I predict within the next 3 years WAR will hit Iran, why? The ARK is in Iran along with Noah’s ARK. You will find they are together.

I have said for many years all the WARS are to find Artifacts to bring back Satan and his angels.


Sinks holes was always a re-acquiring dream and over the last few years they have seem to have been opening up but let me add a few others.


One dream shared by myself and my mother is water at the porch of my childhood home that sat on Rucker hill in Everett WA. I can tell you that house was at an elevation of about 300ft above sea level. For the past few years they have been telling us the “Big One” is about to hit us and I am sure a wave a few hundred feet tall would rip down the Strait of Juan De Fuca and create massive devastation. but this was another dream and I wait for it to happen.



This one might be a wild prediction but could happen and that is the Moon disappears. If you look on YouTube there seems to be many others seeing the same thing.




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