Don’t be Deaf to

He that has an ear you might want to listen to this.

In January of 2017, I got a call from a friend a former WND reporter and she asked me if I still had connections in different parts of the world. I said depends on what you are looking for, her response One Billion dollars, ok for what? She said a cloaking encryption program for communication.

You need to understand that there are only a handful of people in the world that have the ability to understand this type of technology and very few who can raise that kind of capital. I just happen to know the people to make it work.

I requested the party interested in my connections to call me. A day later I got a call from a Dr. Jim Garrow and another man in the conference call (the other man claimed to be ex CIA). They shared what it was about and what they were looking for. At that time Jim told me he just wanted to sell it and pursue other things but still maintain control of it (confusing). Jim then told me that Trump had the system on his phone and that others had it as well then asked, do you want it? Meaning if he had my number and my name he could access my phone. But one thing interesting during this call was Jim asked if I wanted his number, I said I already have it (came up on my phone) he said no, but I read it back to him and then his response was I just allowed your phone to have it.  (I just went with it) OK.

It’s not what you know but who you know and I know everyone. I called my connection a man who has deep ties to finance, technology and military. My connection (I’ll call him Mr. X) and Jim talked and Mr. X did some due diligences and a little back and forth began. Jim called me asking me about Mr. X and Mr.X called asking if it was legit, all I could say is that my original source said Jim was truthful (but later would change her mind) Mr. X being a man that get’s things done booked a flight to meet with Jim in Toronto. Jim and Mr. X talked over the two days discussing the plan and getting a better understanding of the system and what Jim really needed. At one point Jim stated that General Michael Flynn had the system on his phone.  later Mr. X said he was just about to say O really? let’s call him. Mr. X has Michael Flynn number.

Jim stated he wanted a Billion dollars and also wanted to retain control of his system.    I talked with Mr. X about a week later and was asked if Jim was for real? things checked out but Jim also would seem to forget his stories, meaning Mr. X asked where do you have servers and one time Jim would say here and next time say there. Mr. X still moved forward

Mr. X sent Jim a letter of intent and contract to move forward and things began to crumble. You see Jim was now meeting with a man who can get things done and Jim would need to prove himself.

Jim called me stating I don’t trust Mr. X and doing a twist, Do you? (thinking I would not get what he is trying to bait me with) what are you getting from this? and so on. I told Jim well I get my cut but you can/should also pay a finders fee if all works out. (the silence was DEAFening). Funny how people want you to do for them but never return the favor. I was told Jim signed to give rights to pursue funding so I was not worried if Jim tried to stiff me on the deal, I had a feeling he would.

A few weeks go by, Mr.X gets the ok from the FBI to sell. This type of system can be considered a national security item and many other issues you have to take in consideration but like I said I know people who do it right.

Mr. X had everything in order, $100 million and first round payout of one Billion and Jim would still control the system. All that was needed was testing from an independent known top hacking service. Mr. X told Jim that he would pay the $250,000 thousand for the testing and once it was complete we would be a part of the largest communications companies in the world.

I then got a skype call from Jim, I don’t know if I can trust Mr. X he wants to know about the secret sauce, I told Jim no, but in order to sell something and make claims, he needed an independent source for legal issues.  Jim, I can’t just give people that kind of information, (meaning if people knew all you needed was what is already on every phone he would not be able to sell anything) without a none refundable down. Jim wanted like 50million down in order to have it tested (insane)

I said you can’t sell what you do not own. Also, it was not a patented item. Jim was all over the place, changing topics and so on, I told him I trust Mr. X and everything you wanted he has brought to you, all we need is to test and then it’s done. You’ll have your money, I’ll have mine and all is good. During this conversation, Jim tried to say Mr. X would never pay me,  I said well you can pay me a finders fee if you’re worried, once again the silence was DEAFening.  Towards the end of our 30 min conversation, I told Jim well I can make you an APP if you like to where Jim said yes let’s do that.

Three days the APP was done and I never heard from Jim again even after many e-mails and messages.

Next thing I see is and Jim collecting money from people online at $100 a year of $10 monthly. A far cry from ONE BILLION.

So the reason I write this post. A month ago I was in Canada

I was in Canada and one friend of mine told a group of business men “Glenn seems to know everyone” and one man said really, have you heard of DEAFusa? I just got this APP on my phone. I said I am the one who made it, and my friend said: “See I told you”. All I told them was I was glad they got the APP.

Once I got back from Canada I called my WND friend and she told me she wanted nothing to do with Jim and Jim told her not to associate with me and I should “be careful”. Careful for what? landing a Billion dollar deal only to have Jim show he was a fraud? To that point, I had not said anything to people about this deal other than Her and Mr. X so I don’t know what the deal would be. But I will not be intimidated by any man. This is not about losing a potential 10-20 million for my work it is all about honor and doing the right thing. Jim wants to claim he serves to God of Abraham, Isacc and Jacob well he better know I serve the same and my God does not like people who bear false witness and don’t keep their word/honor.

I will not tell you to stop his service but I suggest you review a face book post (I can’t see it because he unfriended me) that stated he had dropped a DEAF user due to illegal actions? So are you listening to people Jim? Did you sell out? and to who? they are only questions you can answer.

I am sure you will contact me once this is posted and I look forward to it.


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Written by Glenn Coggeshell (c) 2017

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