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Malachi is "The Moses" of this generation

if vs it

“if”, is a dangerous word. “if” I had this, “if” I had that, “if” I won the lottery, if, if, if, with “if” thinking, “it” will never happen.

“if” is a word that hooks you, you can see that even the f is a shape of a hook and in reality, most words with f hook you in the end. fish get hooked, you get f#@ked, food will get you fat if you eat too much, fried will burn you, forever takes to long, feelings are often hurt, when you fall is never a good thing, failure is never an option, and a fight never ends well.

I know too many people who allow “if” to creep into their life and never seem to get anything done and a sense of urgency flies out the window. (flies, another f word that ends with a splat) Then they seem to sit back and  point a finger to others and reasons why “it” never happened.

a simple change of an “f” to a “t” can make your life much better and if you allow yourself to become free (free having an opposite of being a slave) your life will change.

“it” will happen, “it” can change, when you’re doing something for others they know “it” will be ok, “it” will be fine, “it” will happen and for this your life will be for the better.

Stop using “if” and start using “it”


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