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Trump will make music great again.

will Trump will make music great again.

What the hell is this guy saying?

I am saying just that, Trump will save this industry? YES, over the last eight years only a “very small” hand full of bands have written anything worth a shit. Everything lacks emotion, lacks that gut feeling, reaching for something new and in my opinion has gotten lazy and FAT.

black-sabbath-large-wallpaperThink about it, in the late sixties and early seventies were some of the best music, raw, filled with emotion and reaching for something new. Bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Black Sabith, Queen, The Romans, hit the scene with power, feelings, and raw energy, and I ask you who was the president? A Republican…

discoWhile Carter was president 1977-1980 we got DISCO,  and Debbie Boon’s “You light up my life” we got LAZY, looped sounds from dancing zombies. And the only thing that saved us was that most of the bands from that four-year time were already established from the years prior.

u2-wallpapers-early-years-1In 1980 Ronald Ragan brought a time of great music, anti-war sounds of Punk, Metal, rock n roll was back and DISCO was dead. Over the next Twelve years, music was thriving bands like U2, The Police, Iron Maiden were playing with passion, feeling, soul and many more were making their way onto the scene.

Bush Sr, was the greatest “In my opinion” to piss off the music biz. in the 90’s the music industry was just fed up with the republican party and produced a “Nirvana” of sound and energy. Band with Anti-war songs run wild, high energy, change, new and filled with emotion, lean mean music writing machines……..nirvana

In 1992 Clinton came into office and things were ok but by the time his second term hit the industry was lacking anything new and the fact that Bill gave away the internet (meaning did nothing to stop illegal downloading of music)  screwed everyone.

But that kind of sums it up for Democrats THEY LOVE ILLEGALS.

The Bush regime, unfortunately, was a time when the record companies died making it even harder for bands to voice an opinion but many tried. bands like Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Rage against the machine and so-on had that emotion of change, wanting change and reaching out for something new. (besides the Britny, Beyonce, Eminem) Once more music was starving and writing from that standpoint.

beyonce-drunkObama has done nothing for the music industry but create more American Idol type fake pop stars and not even bands from the 90’s Foo fighters, Korn, Red Hot seem to make anything new, but almost a repeat of the DISCO era.

So all I can hope for is a TRUMP presidency to save the music, make musicians hungry to reach in and bring out something new, fresh, raw something, anything but what we have at this point in time and maybe just maybe Trump might make stealing music ILLEGALLY a crime once again.

Musicians for TRUMP.


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