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Malachi is "The Moses" of this generation

The Class of 2016 “Do Nothing”

To the class of 2016,

If you want things to change then “Do Nothing”. I know this goes against every graduation speech you have heard but just think about what I am going to say.

Only you can make a difference, only you make a change, but you must do it in a different way. You see the powers that be, the generations that have come before you have marked you, they need you more then you need them. They have set you up to become a slave to the system, and they know you will go out and make that tax money, fee money, fine money to keep their system going. A system that has put trillions of debt on your shoulders. They calculated your birth and your introduction into this new workforce/market. You are a commodity to them and yes, they already trade you on the stock exchange.

I ask you, what did you do?  Look at your parents and ask what did they do? what about your grandparents? Or younger siblings.


I don’t want to sound as if to say stop living, don’t go for your dreams, trust me I am the biggest dreamer out there. But something has to happen and you are the tipping point of it all. Yes, you, that teenage kid many thinks has no power, well you have all the power.

When I was 16, I started my first company and made good money and by the time I was 18 I was making over $18.00 an hour (in 1988). I even bought my first Duplex at 19 and I want the same  for you, but I am not seeing it.

I’m seeing a lot of empty promises, get a skill, go to college and for what? $20 an hour maybe a 40k job at best in a world needing an average of 60k. If you plan to have a family and be able to save enough to not become an average American with a credit debt of over 20k you might need more.

NO, Do nothing, for one year. Start a business and lose or break even Just don’t get into the system. Don’t go to college yet, don’t get on a payroll. Don’t allow then to use your SS number as an acquisition calculation.  If you want to learn a trade do some internship. Travel, see the real world and not this lie that everyone is bad and hates America. No, you will find they Hate our Government, corporate scum bags, and lawyers.

Live your dream and not the dream of our worthless leaders that sold you down the river.

So if you want change go and do nothing for a change.



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