The Class of 2016 “Do Nothing”

To the class of 2016, If you want things to change then "Do Nothing". I know this goes against every graduation speech you have heard but just think about what I am going to say. Only you can make a difference, only you make a change, but you must do it in a different way.... Continue Reading →

THE VOODOO (The Curse of Jimi Hendrix)

THE VOODOO (The Curse of Jimi Hendrix) For the past to many years to count I have been involved (mostly behind the scenes) in this crazy and really F**Ked up world called Jimi Hendrix.  I never thought starting a simple coffee company would yield such addiction, but something happens to people when they get "The... Continue Reading →


Psalms 105 15“Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.”   This is a warning to all. Do not bear false witness against me for this will fall on you sevenfold. Do no create any obstacles of oppression or the same will be unto you sevenfold. If you have entered into agreement... Continue Reading →

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