Open letter to Rush Limbaugh

While I was driving twelve hours to a job interview I was listening to the radio and what do I hear, Rush Limbaugh talking about the current job market or his perspective on the current job market. Seems he thinks that most men would have a job if they did not receive welfare or were unable to eat “After a few days they will find something” food being the motivator. Now I can’t speak to what other men do I can tell you that this current job market is like nothing I have ever encountered.

So you understand my viewpoint let me share a little bit of my background.

Creation Studios
Creation Studios

I have always been a self-starting self-maid overachiever with a little bit of that attitude to back it up type. I started my first business at 16 “Washing windows” to buying my first home at 19. My dream of Being a musician forced me to work even harder and I bought another home a year later. I built what became an award-winning recording studio, working and recording some of the greatest bands around. George Clinton, Sky Saxon, Members of Prince, The TIME, and working on unreleased Jimi Hendrix music.   From the age of eighteen till twenty-eight I worked two jobs on average including running my recording studio, making five albums of my own and creating a few other businesses on top of that.

It took a lower back operation to slow me down, but it took a second back blowout six months later to almost stop me 100%.  Then it really became a drag. Taking three years fighting with L&I and the weight of the Boeing self-insured lawyers trying to tell me it was all in my head.

Only after a Fusion in my lower back (L5S1) they began to believe me, but not really (I am still faking it in their minds).  During the waiting game for my second major surgery Boeing did what they call “A medical lay off” (basically, you’re fired, sorry we messed you up but, goodbye) did I also mention I need dual carpal tunnel surgeries.

DSCF1397I was never one to quit and not even a bad back was going to stop me, so just moved forward and using my investments from real estate and other business ventures and started a Coffee company called Black Dot Coffee.

resume 2013 low rezSo far so good in most people eyes until, February 9th 2009 when a former business partner from another line of coffee I created began to see it becoming the fastest growing coffee lines in the US. He thought because of his star power, his star being the hit show “Deadliest Catch” his name being “Phil Harris” decided to help my wife divorce me and leave me penniless. One day I had three homes and ten cars and a business doing over $500,000 to nothing.. (I know many details are left out, due to the complexities but I assure you it reads like soap opera) Phil later died one year later to the day and time I lost all I had.

I guess paybacks are a…..

So back to Mr. Limbaugh, if you read my resume listed below you might think no problem getting work. Well yes, big problem. Most employers don’t believe it, even though one can google my name and see it is all true. Some employers won’t call me thinking I am Overqualified, or will cost too much while  others see my once 810 credit score to a -810 and no, or no college and no, and since most of my working career has been business have been my own who do they call when referencing?

I have people like Sir James Barlow (Grate Grandson of Charles Darwin) as references but that’s too hard to believe and to back it up my once body that could run circle around 99% of people will no longer allow me jobs that require heavy lifting, long driving, standing bending and so on..

File for SS, denied three times.40353_1439032494423_7759248_n

Having things like this happen in your 40’s sucks, you’re too old but not old enough you get stuck. My plans were to never have five back surgeries but to work hard, invest well and do the things I love to do. Never once did I think that anything was just given to someone, but in this current market being a guy in his 40’s is a tough market. Unlike yourself Mr. Limbaugh I never got a break.

Most everything I have done was on my own, no breaks but the break in my BACK..

So I ask you, Mr all-knowing what does one do? I have never gotten unemployment or welfare in my now 47-year life tell me how I am lazy. You got that one break that changed your life and some just take longer to break in.

(note, I have applied to over a thousand jobs, still get up at 5:30-6am every morning and look)

My real goal is to continue my musical ministry and continue to share the word of God to the world. If you care Visit

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