He is the musical Moses/prophet of this age

He is the musical Moses/prophet of this age; The Artist ONE is one of the great visionary artists of this century. "The Moses" of this generation and I foresee the one who will lead this industry out of this proverbial desert. Legendary music promoter Boyd Grafmyre, the "Mahatma of Rock" and Executive Producer of "THE... Continue Reading →

Superbowl 2014 Satanic half time show.. (pre-show predictions)

http://youtu.be/X8yRjzZsP-Y I am putting this up Saturday night due to the fact I feel all Superbowl half times since The first Bronco win have been all about Cult mock rituals. Superbowl 1997 (Bronco's WIN) White Horse of Revelations Superbowl 1998 (Bronco's WIN) Red Horse of Revelations (to make WAR) 3 years later 9/11 Rituals leading... Continue Reading →

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